Thursday, August 18, 2011

Carbonated craving

Ever have one of those days where nothing you eat is satisfying?

I had a perfectly fine (though way too yellow) onion & cheese omelette and baked squash for dinner, but something was missing . . .

Crunch? A few chips didn't fix it. Sweets? Even my go-to chocolate didn't help.

SODA! I haven't had a soda in about four years and can think of few things worse to put in your body than that toxic stew, but that's what I wanted! The carbonation? The salt? The corrosive quality?

Don't know exactly what it was but an emergency stop to the local quick mart (we don't even keep the stuff in the house!) and a few sips later I was good. (And then dumped the rest down the drain, where it will likely dissolve anything that happens to be stuck in there.)


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