Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Five things I'm loving right now!

At the suggestion of a fellow fitness blogger, I'm sharing the love.

These are five things I'm loving right now:

1) My new running shoes in this wild citron/green color:

People will see me coming for miles in these kicks! My oldest daughter (whose fav color is lime green) was delighted by my choice.

2) Cherries and Beets:

It would seem that bright colors are calling to me at the moment, but I've been craving beets since my local CSA started offering them up and I found the most delish recipe for these root veggies. ((Basically, peel, dice, toss with olive oil, pepper and garlic cloves and roast until tender. Toss with goat cheese when cool.) I love them even more since Outside magazine reported beets as "offering the same boost that performance enhancers do." What's not to like about that?

As for cherries, I've always loved 'em. I can down an entire bowl in one sitting. However, since June of 2005, they've held an even more special place in my heart. Seven years ago this month, and nine months along with my third child, I sat indulging in a huge bowl of this yummy fruit when my water broke. Whoa. That had never happened before. Now I can never eat cherries without remembering that moment!

3) Swimming outside:

                                           SCSC Competition/Lap Pool

This is not the best picture, but this is where I swim in the summer. I love the YMCA, my home away from home from September through May, but after nine months of swimming indoors, in water hovering around 83 degrees, it is pure bliss to head outside in this tranquil and bucolic setting. There are actually horses romping around on the surrounding farms. Today was my first day of the season in this pool and I loved it--the crisp water, clear blue skies and bright sunshine--though switching from yards to meters always throws me off my game the first few times.

4) A life without limits:

                                              A Life Without Limits: Chrissie Wellington, The Autobiography

I own this book. In fact, I have a signed copy of it. I was fortunate to get to meet this amazing woman in person when she was in my area for a book signing. Listening to her talk, to tell her story, was captivating. It's hard to believe that this sweet, friendly, humble, visually non-threatening person is such a beast on the course. Chrissie is not only an amazing athlete, but an amazing person as well and such a positive role model for women and girls.

                                                  Profile Picture

5) Running on the Sun

                                                      Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135 Poster

Watch this movie and you'll never whine again. Well, you might whine, but if you do, you'll feel guilty as hell doing it! These people are insane. The kind of people that make me go "Ha!" to the people who call me crazy for some of my athletic pursuits. The idea of running 135 miles (5 marathons!) is enough to make me curl up in a corner and whimper. My knees hurt just thinking about it. But that's not enough for these 40 runners. Oh no. They're not just going to run 135 miles in less than 60 hours (Yes, 60 hours. Of running!), but they're going to do it in one of the hottest, most unforgiving deserts in the world. And, climb up to 5,000 feet once or twice too. Sheesh. Now when I go out running and start feeling hot or tired, I think of these people running The Badwater 135 and I feel ridiculously lame, so I get a grip and keep on running.

So, that's my five. What are your five? Right now! Don't think about it too much, just go with the first five things that come to mind. Post a comment and share your five things . . . share the love!

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