Thursday, July 19, 2012

Modern-day Enjoli woman?

A friend of mine shared an article from the Wall Street Journal titled: "Don't Hate Her for Being Fit;
More Moms Squeeze in Workouts as 'Me' Time; Playground Pilates, 'To Fro' Dresses" 

It's an interesting article (Thanks, Katie, for sharing). But reading it definitely raised a few points of contention and caused me, one of the so-called "happy crazy" moms being generalized in this article, to bristle. Yes, I admit that much of it rings very true and I do fit, mostly, into this category. With a few exceptions:

1) I do still crave "me" time that doesn't involve exercising--like reading or spending time with friends.

2) I do still seek escape via a bottle of red and some dark chocolate. I'm most definitely not above that!

3) Despite being lumped in with a growing demographic that advertisers are salivating over, I refuse to be a target. (This being helped along by the fact that I hate to shop!) But also because I am secure in my sense of what I need (vs what I want) and what works for me--I value my own opinion, based on my own experiences, over that of some ad exec who's simply trying to fill the company coffers. Take energy bars, for instance. Yes, I do keep a stash of Lara bars that I buy in bulk to carry around with me "just in case," exactly as described in the article. Guilty as charged. However, I do not rely on this as a diet staple, but something to be used in a pinch. A piece of toasted whole grain with almond butter and honey is just as portable and healthy as a pre-packaged bar, provides the quick energy and sustenance I need, and is definitely less expensive and, sans the wrapper and packaging, more earth-friendly.

4) Speaking of less expensive, while I admire the active lifestyle being promoted and supported by companies such as Athleta and Title 9, I don't appreciate the price tag. These clothes are not cheap! And, as also noted in this article, my income is that of a part-time "happy crazy" mom and therefore must be budgeted and spent wisely. I surely don't have $98 to spend on some halter dress! Well, maybe if it could do the laundry for me . . . 

5) And, don't get me wrong, I do really like Athleta (I just don't buy their stuff unless it's on sale or I have a gift card) but I don't like the subtle pressure being put on women with their whole "Power to the She" campaign. It's like a modern-day twist on the old "Enjoli woman," who has to work (bring home the bacon), cook and care for her family and her home (fry it up in a pan) and look good while doing it! 


I say, if you want to do it all, and you can do it all, and it does makes you "happy crazy" to do so, then, by all means, do it! (Happy being the operative word). But, if you need a break from being everything to and for everyone (including yourself) and simply want to hunker down in a nice bath with a good book, a bottle of wine and a bar of Godiva, then all the more "power to the she." 


  1. Being active is part of a healthy lifestyle- one that we should be teaching our children. I agree with your points- marketers will want to target anyone doing anything or not doing anything. We are a consumer based society and there is no reason to shy around that. But the road is always open- it isn't tagged in a gym membership and it never closes. We get up and we get going- early!!! Because that's what we do to make it all happen. Keeping yourself and your family fit and active is a good thing! Just keep being you and if "they" don't like it, "they" can watch you run away :) xoxo Drea "The Fit Mom"

    1. Thanks, Andrea, for your inspiring comments! Most of my posting is done on my Facebook Page, so if you liked the blog, which I link to the Page, the please check out Triathlon Mom on Facebook:

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      Be safe, train smart, stay fit! :)