Thursday, August 30, 2012

Powered by imagination

Today's 20-mile ride was, as always, and adventure.


To start, for a mere split second or two, this girl found a few fast twitch fibers and snagged some Major Air jumping over the train tracks at the bottom of a 40mph descent! High enough that my heart skipped a beat when the tires did a little fishtailin' in mid-air, but it sure was fun! :)

(Disclaimer: I'm sure anyone watching would say I was a mere inch off the ground but, to me, it felt huge!)

My pace, however, was not as stellar as it should have been. Apparently, my mind was preoccupied with writing stories in my head, lost to my imagination and the fictional world I'm creating in my writing projects at home, instead of focusing on my workout. Probably not the safest way to travel, but is sure does make the miles fly by.

Overall, a great ride; excessively abundant, ripe and offensive eau de fertilizer, and surprising bit of loose gravel and bumpity bump on one of my main drags, not withstanding.

Be safe, train smart, stay fit & have fun!


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