Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The most important triathlon

My husband and I went to a party last week, one where the guests are asked to make up a poem to go with a theme. This year's theme was the Olympics--If you could choose your Olympic event, real or fake, what would it be? 

Triathlon, of course, was the sport we chose. However, there's a twist: I've always thought my real triathlon was the one I participate in each day--raising three daughters!

There's this triathlon (for fun) . . .
. . . And then there's this triathlon (the most important one)
Here is our poem:

Triathlon is our Olympic sport
But not the tri of the usual sort

This one’s not a swim, bike, run
It’s raising daughters 3, 2 & 1

With the first one’s birth we were swimming upstream
Desperate to get our baby to dream

Then along came our 2nd daughter
And we had to pedal even harder

To keep up with a toddler and infant
Required Hammer Gels and Infinit

And just when we were up to speed
Along came daughter #3

Which required us to run even faster
To escape from imminent disaster

11 years of training done
And mostly it’s been lots of fun

While raising daughters we’ve grown old
In our quest for parenting gold

But we have 3 great girls who are so much fun
This is one event we know we’ve won. 

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