Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Mail

Yes, you read that right--Happy Mail! (Not to be confused with Happy Meal.)

In this technical age of email and Evites, it's more rare than ever to find something good in the mailbox. So today, on yet another cold, rainy, dreary, overcast day, I went to the mailbox and found this:

I had no idea what it was. It felt a bit squishy, like clothes, but a little to heavy to be clothes. Was it a late Christmas gift? Maybe it was delivered to the wrong address? Nope, I checked the mailing label; definitely mine.

And then I smelled it. And that simple whiff was like sunshine! It made me want to do a happy dance right outside on the driveway. I'd forgotten all about it. These are the best things to get in the mail . . . the things you order, forget about and then are so happy and pleasantly surprised to receive! 

Here's what it was:

Move over Starbucks! This is THE BEST COFFEE EVER! Coconut Crunch from Duck's Cottage in Duck, NC on the outer banks.

It has become an annual tradition. The day we arrive on the beloved narrow strip of barrier islands where we've been vacationing since 1997, we make a stop in duck for lunch and then head over to Duck's Cottage for an afternoon cuppa and to purchase a few bags of this stuff, which I am a huge fan of because I DO NOT ADD SUGAR, CREAMER, OR ANY TYPE OF FLAVOR TO MY CUPPA. Problem is, I'm not man enough to drink it black. This is my solution--the perfect hint of flavor in the beans means I don't need to add a thing, save for a small splash of almond milk. PERFECTION! 

This year, when we depleted our supply, I had DC ship me a few bags--a first! And then, about a week ago--Oh Happy Day!--I received a promotional email (yes, I am on their mailing list even though I live 6 hours away) to BUY 3 POUNDS OF COCONUT CRUNCH AND GET FREE SHIPPING. I paid less per bag than it would have for a pound of Starbucks at the local Safeway. 

So, after a fun morning outing with a good friend, coming home to find this in my mailbox was the icing on the cake of my day! 

Can't wait to brew up a pot of this goodness tomorrow! 

If you'd like to try Coconut Crunch, here's the website:

Top of the morning to ya! 

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