Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Add Bikram to the bucket list

After a week of Thanksgiving festivities and several skipped workouts, it was time to shake things up!

On Sunday, I ran four miles and then took my dog for a one-mile cool down walk. My own personal turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning had been a bust--everything was hurting!--so I'd only set out to run three miles on Sunday. But it felt so good to feel good that I tacked on that extra mile, plus the walk. Love when that happens.

Then for the really good stuff--three of my yoga students and I participated in a Bikram Yoga class on Monday and sweat out buckets of holiday toxins and impurities. If you've never practiced Bikram, you must add it to your bucket list--it's a completely unique experience. Imagine stepping into a room heated to 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity, and filled with 20 or more other people dressed in teeny, tiny shorts and tops. Just being in the room is a challenge--all that is asked of beginners is to simply remain in the room for the duration of the 90 minute class. It is not unusual to feel dizzy or nauseous during your first class and proper hydration is imperative. The overabundance of humanity is quite another element of the experience.

Before you even unroll your yoga mat, sweat is dripping off your body and your heart rate rapidly increases as your body works to cool itself.

An instructor verbally guides you through a series of 26 postures designed to stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons. The super-heated room allows your muscles to soften so you can reach deeper into your postures.

I emerged from the Bikram studio drenched in sweat but completely cleansed, despite the headache that nagged at me the rest of the day (maybe not enough water, or perhaps the lingering cold I am fighting?)

Tuesday, it was back to the pool for a vigorous swim workout and today was yoga day--where no core was spared.

So, I think I have made up for my transgressions of the past week.

Now to repent for all the cookies I ate today . . .

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