Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving thanks

I am thankful every day, not just on Thanksgiving, for my many blessings. I appreciate all that I have and I try not to "want" for things.

A yoga instructor I once practiced with led a discussion on wants and needs:

Instead of thinking in terms of "Want" = Don't Have, which creates "Lack" = stress, chaos, turmoil, try thinking: "I've had everything I've ever needed." = abundance, comfort, peace and protection.

I am a firm believer in this positive line of thinking. But this is what has been happening to me lately: I want to blog, and I currently don't have enough time in my day, and therefore I lack enough time with my family, which is creating stress.

Because my days are overscheduled, I've been waiting until night time to blog, which has been pushing my night-owl tendencies to the extreme. At this rate, I will soon just be settling down to sleep when my family is rising to start their day! The current schedule is not creating harmony, comfort or peace so it's time for me to reprioritize and make some changes.

That said, I'd like to take a moment to say "thanks" to anyone who has been reading this blog regularly. It's hard for me to determine who you are and how many of you are out there, because you don't have to follow to read. But, whoever you are, thank you so much for your support and interest in Triathlon Mom.

I will continue to write when time allows during the day, and my goal is to post at least 2-3 updates each week. So, if you have enjoyed reading, I hope you will plan to check in with Triathlon Mom at least once each week to read the latest entries on fitness and nutrition and how it all coincides with everyday family life as I continue on my journey to the Iron Man. Maybe Triathlon Mom can become part of your Monday morning ritual over a cuppa! :)

Thanks again for reading (and I would love to read any comments you have when you do read!)


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