Monday, November 15, 2010

Making trades

Sometimes I feel like I'm bargaining with myself the way someone would at a yard sale or bazaar: I'll take the box of books and the lamp for $10. Or, if you throw in some yams in exchange for the parsnips, then you have a deal.

My bargaining sounds like this: I'll downgrade my three mile run to two miles in exchange for 30 minutes in the gym. Or, if I do my short barefoot run today, than I can switch my long run to Thursday; that way I'll still have time to take the dog for a walk.

And that's pretty much what the day was like. I had a three mile run and 30 minutes in the gym on my calendar for today. But, after two hours at a morning appointment, to be followed by an afternoon meeting and the kids coming home early from school, Enjoli Mom was not going to have time to do it all today. Plus, the weekend was so busy that dog has been neglected and to show her displeasure, she recently went dumpster (trash can) diving and shoe shopping (chewing). So I'd hoped to add a walk to my schedule too.

So, instead of the three mile run, I decided to take the dog out for a round of Frisbee and a one-mile walk in my Vibrams to warm up my feet for a one-mile Vibram run, followed by a two-miler in the Kenvaras. But then, I might not have time to lift. Conundrum.

Running in the Vibrams felt so good that instead of one mile, I did two, and traded the Kenvara run for gym time. All-in-all, not so bad. Except . . . immediately after the run, the top of my left foot felt a little sore. Right in the same spot where I had the stress fracture in July.

Maybe not such a good trade after all. I'll consider myself warned . . .

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