Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back in the swim of things

It has been almost exactly two months since I took my last stroke. Getting back in the pool today was like saying hello to an old friend. I thought I would struggle and thrash around, trying to relocate my lost technique, but my strokes were smooth and I quickly settled into a rhythm. Within the first 100 yards my triceps were burning but it was a welcome sensation. It felt so good to be back in the swim of things.

The swim instructor at my local YMCA is excellent. She is also a swim team coach and she puts us through the paces--speed drills, pull drills, kick drills, anaerobic exercises, you name it! In no time, my heart was pounding and I was struggling to catch my breath before the next interval began. I was tired, but after the initial burn, nothing hurt. I marveled at the cardio workout I was getting without pounding on my body. The fins, however, were another story . . .

While a valuable and necessary tool for certain drills, the fins press on my Achilles tendon and as I left the pool deck the tendon was sore. I am trying to be a better listener--to pay closer attention when my body is trying to tell me something. As I mentioned in yesterday's post about the soreness on the top of my foot after a barefoot run: I consider myself warned.

I can't wait to get back in the pool again on Thursday, but I think I'll leave the fins at home.

PS--While I thrived in a pool-full of water today, a tiny puddle on my kitchen floor nearly took me out as I went slipping and sliding across the tile, torquing my ankle and knee on the way. Slippery when wet? Total understatement! Perhaps I can put the fins to better use in the kitchen?

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