Saturday, March 19, 2011

One of those days

I am out of sorts today and I can't quite pinpoint why, but I have a whole list of suspects:

I'm tired. I haven't gotten enough sleep this week. Usually I look forward to the weekends as a time when I can catch up a bit, but now that spring sports have started and, along with it, Saturday morning practices, the alarms were set this morning as they are on every other day.

Coffee fix failed. On the weekends, especially when I'm tired, I look forward to sitting down with a cuppa to relax and let the caffeine work its magic. Sometimes I will read a book, or sit outside on the deck or have "coffee time" with my husband--a time for us to connect, discuss plans for the day, etc. Well, no go today. The house was like Grand Central . . . the kids were crazy, the phone constantly ringing, someone needing something every five minutes--snacks, playdates, lunch, a nurse, a referee, clean laundry, library books, earthquake protection. I finally gave up.

By then I was hungry. I tried for so long to achieve just a few minutes of peace that the coffee buzz on an empty stomach left me jittery. I fixed lunch and ate it quickly, hoping I could at least manage an uninterrupted lunch. No such luck today; I would have needed to hide in the closet!

Eating while agitated didn't sit well with my stomach. I need a stress-busting workout now more than ever but will first have to wait for my food to settle. Meanwhile, I love my children dearly, but if I hear the word "Mommy" one more time in the next few minutes, well, earthquake protection may indeed be necessary in this house.

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