Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bugs, sweat and tears

Day 17.

First my stylist derails my swim and now my kids are doing it. I'd planned to knock out 1800m this afternoon, but my girls are enjoying their down time and want to stay home. I guess we all need some down time. Looks like the swim will be postponed until tomorrow . . .

But, I did get to ride this morning. And it was HOT! Maybe the hottest ride yet. I'll take cycling (or swimming) over running any day, especially in this weather--at least there is usually a small breeze. Not so much today. Another scorcher, with sky-high humidity and temps heading toward 100. (And, I wore the wrong shirt. I thought all of my stuff was "wicking" now but, apparently not. I grabbed an older Title 9 tee and realized too late that it was 64% cotton. I could literally wring it out. So thankful for the latest advances in athletic wear!)

Sweat is to be expected on a summertime ride, but it's usually just a sheen on my skin. Today was ridiculous. Sweat was literally dripping from my chin, nose and earlobes. My eyes were burning from the constant stream of sweat mixed with sunscreen running into them. My arms, legs and face looked like a car windshield after a long trip; road grit and dead bugs all over. If the bugs smacking into me didn't die on impact, they surely drowned in a pool of sweat. Ew. I laughed at my husband when he bought a GUTR last summer. I'm not laughing anymore.

There was no brick today. Nuh-uh.

20-mile ride

Calories burned: 1177
Max speed: 40.2 mph
Max HR: 180 (I hit a record high on Tuesday night--190 bpm!)

Pre-ride fuel: 1/2 cup homemade granola and herbal tea

Ride: 44 oz water

Post-ride: 8 0z Recoverite

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Since then: Chai, water, dark chocolate-covered raisins, popcorn. Guess I should consider a real lunch soon?

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