Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consistently Inconsistent

Competition Winner

You've heard the saying that the only thing constant is change, right?

Well, for me, when it comes to running, the only thing that's consistent is my inconsistent pace.

Today I had all the makings for a successful run: It was a beautiful, sunny day in the upper 40's and I was adequately rested, fed, and caffeinated. So, why did I run so much slower today than last time? Almost a minute/mile slower to be exact.

Sure, I know the "long" runs are about endurance, not speed, but at this stage in the game I don't exactly consider the runs I'm doing to be "long." (That starts next weekend.)

So, it remains a mystery to me what causes my pace to change so much from day to day; what causes me to run at such a good pace one day and then so slow the next.

Anyone else experience this or unraveled the mystery?

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