Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let them eat cakes!

It's a Saturday morning ritual. More specifically, it's a ritual on these casual, lazy, winter Saturday mornings when we are not dashing off in three different directions for soccer and lacrosse or swim meets and triathlons.

My husband is the pancake maker and, with our daughters, he cooks up many fun varieties from blueberry-chocolate chip to banana-coconut or apple-cinnamon. Of course, these treats are then topped with syrup (it was initially a struggle to get the girls to switch from Aunt Jemima to pure maple) and whipped cream. It's really more dessert than it is breakfast. But, after a week of eating cereal and oatmeal with fruit, it is treat we are happy to indulge.

Though I enjoy taking in the sights and smells of someone other than me preparing a meal, I prefer my usual power oatmeal concoction to the pancakes; it's more filling & satisfying. Still, when I see the heaping pile of cakes hot off the grill, it's hard to resist sneaking a few.

For those of you who like to indulge in pancakes, here's a healthy tip to enjoy these treats without the guilt:

Start with whole grain batter (whole wheat, oat bran) and use only fresh fruit for fillings/toppings: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, bananas, apple. If your recipe calls for oil, always substitute apple sauce.

Finally, in lieu of the typical (high fructose corn) syrup, try this: Sweeten half a cup of plain Greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon to taste. Heat in microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Top pancakes with yogurt mix instead of syrup. Enjoy having your cake and eating it too!

Our eating choices produce a measurable cause and effect on our bodies. The food we eat changes the way we look and the way we feel. It can even change our moods.

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