Friday, May 17, 2013

The cream cheese, yoga, caffeine effect

Happy Friday! Did anyone ride their bike to work today for National Bike to Work Day? 

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Since I work from home, I didn't bike TO work, but I did bike. This is a recovery week for me so it was a 60 minute ride with 2 x 12 minute segments at threshold pace, with 10 mins rest in-between. I haven't looked at my pace yet because I don't think I want to know what it was/how bad it was--because yoga and cycling don't mix, as I learned today. 

I teach yoga and I've tried to go for a run after class. I don't do that anymore. My legs feel like lead, my cardiovascular system boycotts the mission, and my joints feel all loose and wobbly. I thought cycling after yoga would be better; I was wrong. 

Does anyone else experience this--poor workouts after a yoga class--or is this a personal problem? 

The merciless headache didn't help either. I woke up with it. Actually, it was a wake-up gift from one of my daughters who woke me from a dead sleep by frantically pounding on my bedroom door. I thought the house was on fire. Or the dog was on fire. Or her pants were on fire. When, in fact, she couldn't find the cream cheese. Not a good way to start the day. 

The headache stayed during yoga. During my bike ride. During work and appointments and errands. And then I realized: I hadn't had any caffeine! All. Day. 

I'm generally a caffeine lightweight and try to keep my intake on the down low--one cup a day--thereby preserving its glorious "Magda" effect for a rainy, I mean, race day. But I think I've had too much this week. A Starbucks indulgence, and their brew is always strong (to me) and I forgot to order half-caff. Then, I was trying to negotiate my new coffee pot (that's another post altogether) and have been brewing pots that are either disgustingly weak--the color of tea--and get dumped down the drain, or heart attack-inducing vats of ink that I man-up to (haha). And, at my favorite coffee house, I remembered to order half-caff, but forgot that, unlike Starbucks, their 16 oz size contains 4 shots instead of 2. 

So, in desperation, I whipped up a quick mug of chai at 4:00. No joy. 

It must have been the combination of the missing cream cheese, the yoga/cycling combo, and the lack of caffeine that created the perfect headache storm. 

Do you have newly bought items mysteriously disappear from your fridge? Does it send your family members into a panic?  

Does yoga wreck your workouts? 

Do you get headaches if you skip a cuppa? 

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  1. I do Bikram Yoga all the time and feel that it enhances my workouts. Granted, usually do Bikram in the morning and another workout later in the day/after work - not back to back - but I definitly feel more limber and loose. I work out all the tightness and kinks and have managed to stay injury free. I highly recommend it. So, for me, yoga does not wreck my workouts.