Monday, June 6, 2011

A great run is just around the corner


As a friend recently told me, "a great run is just around the corner." She was right.

Though I wouldn't exactly call it "great," it was definitely an improvement over the last several dismal runs and rides I've had. On the bike, I've been battling painful hot spots and on the run I've been battling painful genetics; I'm simply a slow, heavy runner. It's the way I roll (like a square).

However, the poor performance (at least on the runs) could have been my body giving me a head's up on what was to come; today I woke up with a mild headache and congestion and a majorly raw throat. I can always tell when my kids are about to get sick because they become inexplicably grumpy. Maybe my body was grumpy because I was trying to put it through the paces while it was trying to fight off a virus? In any case, the scales are currently tipped slightly in favor of the virus.

Despite whatever internal battle is raging, I finally had a good bike on Sunday, followed by a decent short brick and an acceptable run today.

Sunday, as we set out for our 38-miler, I was worried and skeptical. I pedaled with high reps and low power, chose a non-hilly course and stayed in the saddle most of the ride. By the mid-point, I was cautiously optimistic and by the time I got home, I was elated that I made it through the whole ride without pain. We also traveled some as yet unexplored roads that were breathtaking in their simple splendor; pleasant, country roads that abruptly devolved into unpaved gravel passageways frequented by goats and chickens, surrounded by streams and centuries-old barns, canopied by enormous trees and featuring unexpected and exhilarating hairpin turns and steep climbs into the next unknown and exciting vista; a feast for the senses! Spirits completely buoyed, I ran a peppy 1-mile brick afterward.

Today, despite my head feeling like a hot air balloon and my throat scorched enough to shoot flames, I pushed through a 4-mile interval run, my pace much better than on recent outings, and I wasn't much worse for the wear afterward.

That is, until 4:00 hit and made the 4-mile run seem like a leisurely stroll. With my husband away on business travel, I was left to get all three girls fed and finished with homework in time for swim team at 5:00; pulled one of them early to get her to gymnastics; went back to the pool to retrieve the other two and drive them to the next town over for a lacrosse team party; returned to town to retrieve the first one from gymnastics and rush her home to bed before I began teaching my yoga class at 7:30. (The other two arrived home via carpool mid-way through my class and put themselves to bed. Thank heavens for well-behaved, independent children!)

But now I need to get this battle-weary bod to bed. The run may have been ill-advised (I tried to make up for my transgression by drinking lots of water and herbal tea and popping vitamin C) but I'll try not to make matters worse by staying up until the wee hours, as usual.

Sunday's workout: 38-mile bike (35 miles tracked):
Calories: 1971
Max speed: 37.5

1-mile brick run:
Calories: 126
Best pace: 6:33*
*Please note that this pace denotes the single best second of the entire run, probably going downhill in the shade. I add it for kicks ;)

Pre-ride: power oatmeal
During: 55 oz water, 1 Hammer Gel
Post-workout: Hammer Recoverite, Greek yogurt with homemade granola and berries

Monday's workout: 4-mile interval run + one hour of yoga
Pre-run fuel: Herbal tea, whole wheat English Muffin with almond butter & honey
Pre-run warm up: 1/2 mile walk
4.13-mile run:
489 calories
Best pace: 5:49
Post-run cool down: 1-mile walk + stretching
Post-run fuel: Water, Greek yogurt with homemade granola and berries

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