Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Stroke

On my way to the Y this morning and the song "The Stroke" (1981) by Billy Squire came on the radio. Then I couldn't get the silly song out of my head while I was working on my swim stroke. Later, while riding my bike and running, I thought I might have heat stroke.

Today's swim class seemed harder than yesterday; maybe due to back-to-back swims and maybe due to my lingering cold, but most likely due to the oven-like temps in my room last night that cooked me alive until after 2 AM. The AC went on first thing this morning. (Swim workout #17 below.)

After swim fit, the bulk of the day was spent as a "domestic goddess"--cooking, cleaning, baking (yummy Berry Oat Muffins; I'll try to post the recipe tomorrow), picking up fresh produce from the CSA and driving the girls to their swim practice. Dinner was at 4:00 to accommodate the kids' 5:00 practice and my 6:30 bike ride. I sauteed several different vegetables from my CSA bounty and served it over whole wheat angel hair.

A quick hit of Hammer and we were off. At 6:45 PM, outside temps were still in the upper 90s. I made it almost all the way through the ride before a hot spot flared up; I'm very frustrated by this recent development ;/

The 20-mile ride was followed by a 2.5-mile run, which was a heinous thing to do in nearly triple digit temps. Post-ride, I had no appetite and it took quite a while stop feeling nauseous and getting "hot flashes." 80z of Recoverite and a handful of Brazil nuts and dried apricots and that was it for me tonight. Looking forward to a much better night's rest in the AC! I'm not a very high-maintenance girl but if there are two things I'm particular about it's my food and my sleep--I must have decent quality and quantity of both, or look out!

Swim Workout #17 (2000 meters)

Warm Up (500)
500 Free, easy

Set 1 (500)
100 IM x 5 @ 1:45-1:50. Start each 100 with the next IM stroke (ie, 2nd 100 starts w/back)

Set 2 (500)
500 Pull; first 100 is backstroke

Set 3 (300)
500 Kick, IM order, 3 lengths of each stroke

Cool Down (200)
100 IM, easy
100 Free, easy

20-mile bike (18.3 miles tracked)
Calories: 1111
Avg heart rate: 158 bpm
Max heart rate: 184 bpm
Max speed: 42.3 (yee-haw!)

2.5-mile Pace/interval run
Calories: 288
Best pace: 6:57

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