Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walk, don't run.

What a busy month it's been!

Since June 11th, I've spent a weekend in the Poconos for Warrior Dash and spent my evenings at the pool for swim team practice. My girls wrapped up the school year and dumped 10 pounds of paper and folders into the house. We then celebrated my youngest daughter's 6th birthday, had our first swim meet of the season, traipsed across an 8-acre partially wooded lot with shoulder high grass that we considered buying, and snagged first place in the local sprint triathlon.

So, with a sick daughter home today, I pushed up my sleeves and began digging out and catching up. Shoulders are aching from a good part of the day spent at my desk working, writing, researching, phoning and bill-paying.

My 35-minute morning interval run was postponed until evening, and then cancelled altogether in favor of a leisurely walk around the shady streets of my neighborhood with 150 pounds of Lab in tow (or rather, being towed by 150 pounds of Lab).

It could be my imagination or a subtle warning from my body that my muscles are tight, my head slightly aches and my throat is a bit raw, but I just didn't have a run in me today. The walk was just what I needed; just enough. So I will try to swallow my guilt and focus on enjoying the fact the "official" Iron Man training does not begin for two more weeks and that vacation will be here even sooner than that.

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