Sunday, October 24, 2010

The hills are alive!

Yes, the hills are alive but my legs are dead!

It is so frustrating how much effort it takes to gain a specific level of fitness and how easy it is to lose it!

In the five weeks since Savageman, I have been on my bike four or five times, as compared to the 10 - 15 rides I would have taken during the same period in peak season.

The hilly, 30-mile course I rode on Saturday kicked my butt! That same course, just before the Savage race, was easy street. I have already lost the level of fitness I would need to succeed in Savage. Can hardly imagine the condition I will be in five months from now! Hopefully, muscle memory is long and I will quickly regain the lost fitness when training season rolls around again.

Today I lifted weights for 30 mins and then attempted a 4-mile run. I should have stayed home. (Or at least drank a strong cup of coffee!) I was so slow, awkward and heavy. My knees felt stiff. I think I could have walked faster. Oh well. I hope I find my running mojo again soon . . .

At least it was a beautiful weekend--sunny and 70 degrees!

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