Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet bread and sprinkles

Today was one of those days where I'd already stalled myself out of a 4-mile run and was down to only enough time for a 3-miler before my kids got home from school. There were so many other things I needed to get done, not to mention I'd already put in time at the pool this morning and was showered and dressed for the day. ('Tis once again the season of "two showers a day," at least when a spit-shine won't do ;)

Then I remembered the sweet bread. (And the fact that today is my husband's birthday and I knew ice cream cake also was in my future.)

Earlier in the afternoon, I'd driven to the CSA to pick up my weekly organic, locally-grown booty: potatoes, green beans, onions, squash, kale, carrots, garlic, oranges/grapefruit, eggs and bread. I had a loaf of herb bread in my hands when I spied the freshly-baked sweet bread and couldn't resist. (Think doughnut, but ten times better.) That squishy, sweet-smelling loaf of bread was sitting on the seat next to me and I couldn't take it anymore, so I tore off a big chunk and scarfed it down while I was driving. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

So, as I stood in my room debating about whether I should change into my running clothes, I remembered the sweet bread and decided I wanted a run way more than I wanted that sweet bread to end up on my butt. Off I went! And I really went for it, too! As usual, it was gloomy and gray outside and just as I stepped out the door, it started to sprinkle but, unlike a soaking downpour, the light, misty rain felt great. So, I don't know if it was the bread, the rain, or the fact that it was only a short run and I had to hurry to make it home in time, but I RAN! The fastest pace I've logged yet this season, including the interval runs, and I was reminded of a saying I'd once heard: "You'll never regret the workouts you get; only the ones you skip."

Today's workout:
1800 yard swim (workout to follow)
3-mile race pace run

Swim workout #5 (1800 yards/meters)

Pre-swim core workout:

Use a mat or towel and lay on deck with legs up against a wall for crunches: straight up for 25, hold last, then pulse for 10. Repeat to left and right. Pull heels away from wall and crunch hips up (don't swing legs) for 25.

Flip over to plank (push-up) position and alternate pulling right kneed to left elbow (mountain climbers) 10-15/side. Drop to forearm plank and hold for 30 sec, then add side knee to shoulder crunch (Spiderman planks).

Warm Up (300)
300 easy, choice

Main Set (1200)
4 x 50, Fly down, streamline kick back
3 x 100, Build (last 25 of each set is a full sprint) @ 20-30 sec rest
2 x 50 V-scull down, kick back (arms at sides). Push ups/pull ups and dips at each wall.
300 Pull
6 x 50 Kick, Sprint flutter kick down, easy breast back
100 IM

Cool down (200)
200 easy, choice

Post-swim tread workout (arms/legs):
6 minutes of deep-end treading as follows:
1st min: basic tread (bicycle legs & scull arms)
2nd min: tread with hands above water, continue bicycle legs
3rd min: tread with hands above water, egg-beater kick
4th min: legs straight down, scull arms only
5th min: legs straight down with butterfly kick for 15 sec @ 5-10 sec rest
6th min: basic tread

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