Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time Out

I'm putting myself in time out tomorrow. Not because I've been bad, but because I've been good; In the past four days I've logged seven workouts. Saturday is usually my day off (if providing taxi service, support staff and sideline cheering for three lacrosse games/practices and tending to the chores I've neglected all week is considered a day off--haha!) however, this week, I'm taking tomorrow off too.

'Tis the season; the "in" season, the "tri" season, the "it's on" season, whatever you want to call it, where workouts start to double up as they must in order to effectively train for multiple triple-sport events. I wrote a column today about "workout burnout" (which I will share on this blog at a later date) and it's humorous to realize I've just started my training for the season--the long, six-month road looming--and already the word "burnout" has entered my vocab.

Another lacrosse mom put things in perspective for me tonight; it's all about adjusting to the transition. Right now, after the long, cold winter months--which is the slowest season for us--charging full steam ahead into this new schedule is a shock to the system. In another month or two, this will become the "new normal" again and by the end of the season I'll be back to not wanting to let it go. (See March 16 post: "Let the training begin?")

So it seems this is a "transition time," one far different than the "transition time" that awaits six weeks from now when I'll attempt to peel off my wetsuit, clip-in to my cleats, fasten my helmet and dash off on my bike in record time.

But after biking on Sunday, running and swimming on Monday, swimming and biking on Tuesday, and lifting and running today, I'm calling a time out and will put a (very temporary) stop to the madness.

Fuel today: Power oatmeal, whole wheat veggie white pizza lunch and dark chocolate almonds, snack of dried fruit and pistachios, and quesadillas (recipe to follow), veggies and hummus for dinner, two oranges and, yes, tortilla chips w/melted cheese for dessert, of course! Have to get my fix ;)

Quick Quesadillas

Cooked chicken, diced (optional. Perdue short cuts makes this quick & easy)
1 small can sliced black olives
1 small can Mexicorn
1 15.5 oz can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 c. low fat cheddar cheese
1/4 c. light sour cream or plain yogurt
Whole wheat tortillas

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Mix together first six ingredients. Spread hummus on tortillas. Cover half of each tortilla with desired amount of mixture. Fold tortillas in half and place on foil-lined baking sheet.
Cook for 10 minutes, cool slightly, and cut into wedges.
Serve with guacamole, hummus, sour cream and/or salsa, and lots of veggies.

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