Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Losing it

This is taper week, and I'm losing it alright. Not only am I losing miles and intensity in my workouts, I'm losing my mind, my sanity and my patience, too.

Tonight I was so crazed and stressed that I forgot to eat dinner. Now I am munching on some carrots and hummus at 9:30 PM, but this can't be good for taper week nutrition and rest.

Usually, I love taper week--the point at which you've done all you can to prepare for a race and make peace with it; it's the post intense workout phase and pre pre-race jitters--the little, lovely lull in between.

But this week, I don't love it, I'm losing it. I don't feel relaxed or rested. I'm still juggling getting my kids to gymnastics, lacrosse and piano in the evenings after the afternoon witching hour of homework and dinner. I'm still teaching two yoga classes a week and writing on deadline for the newspaper. My husband and I have a tough race decision hanging over our heads and his own work schedule is nipping at his sanity too.

Today I chaperoned what feels like my zillionth field trip to the Science Center--a noisy busy ride to a noisy, crowded place, with energetic kids and four hours on my feet. I'm left scrutinizing my schedule and wondering now where I will fit in the rest of my taper workouts. This is a rest day?

My kids' night time routine ended with one of them (accidentally) giving the other a bloody nose so one was howling and the other was tracking blood from one end of the house to the other. My patience runneth dry and my kettle set to boiling. It was not a happy ending to the day.

A friend recently mentioned that she was having a "Calgon moment." I, too, now feel the urge to scream, "Calgon, take me away!" I resist for fear that I'd be taken to the funny farm.

Today's workout:
4 hours chasing kids around the Science Center

Today's dinner fuel:
Carrots and hummus. I might throw in some ice cream too. Why not?

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