Monday, May 2, 2011

When training conflicts with honor

How to train with honor? Honor thy body or honor thy training schedule? That is the question. In this case, by honor, I mean honoring your body and what it is telling you. Like I used to say to my kids when they were little and not paying attention: "Put your listening ears on!"

So, what is one to do when a nagging, annoying, intermittent pain crops up just weeks before a race? How is it possible to both rest the problem area, yet still be adequately prepared for the race? If anyone has the answer to this problem, I'd gladly hear it.

After a grueling weekend (which I will attempt to recap in subsequent emails), I headed out today for my weekly long run. Not all that long in the big scope of things, but long for me in my post-injury world. I had two days off from running, during which time my pesky, lower-leg pain reared it's ugly mug. So, I was hesitant to run, but I only have two more weeks left until taper-time. Interestingly enough, this lower leg pain is present but dull and fleeting when I run, but often feels worse later when I'm just puttering about the house, running errands or even sitting here typing this post.

Well, whatever it is, I hope my acupuncturist can work her magic on Wednesday and get it the heck gone! Pain, pain, go away, Triathlon Mom still wants to play!

Today's workout:
5.53 mile run
660 cal burn

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