Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The weekend in review Part Three: Running out of steam

A pattern is developing: things all around me are slowing to a halt.

Friday, the car ran out of gas and came to an abrupt stop.

Monday, my iPod ran out of batteries and cut Shaggy off mid-groove. (Cheesy or not, Shaggy and MJ's 'lil sis Janet were just what I needed that day to add a little pep to my step.) I shuffled through a 5.5-miler at a turtle's crawl, stepping gingerly and aiming for level grass whenever possible to minimize the impact to my inner-shins.

Thankfully, my new evening yoga session started that night and the dedicated time to stretch, focus and center was much-needed.

Tuesday night, my body threatened to put on the breaks. I cycled the first third of my ride at an appallingly slow pace, but managed to rebound for the second half.

I refused to pack lunches last night and went to bed instead, then overslept this morning. The lunches got made but, had they not, I was prepared to dole out the dollars for a cafeteria meal.

So, today, I purposely held back in the pool, both by choice and not. My beaten-down body hasn't been in the water in a week and by the end of the 10 x 50 intervals, I could barely lift my arms out of the water, especially for the last Fly. (Swim workout #9 to follow.)

Now, after an hour-long session with the acupuncturist, I plan to hold off on running until Friday and hope that between the rest and the needles, my lower legs will be feeling better. We are contemplating Iron, so these running injuries are one thing that must come to a halt!

Swim workout #9 (1600 meters)

Warm Up (400 m)
400 Choice, easy

Main Set (1000 m)
10 x 50 @ 1 minute (IM order + choice up, Freestyle back. Repeat in reverse choice/IM order)
300 Pull
200 IM kick

Cool Down (200)
200 Free, easy

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