Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puddles and a smile

Between the hours of 8:30 AM and 11:50 AM, I managed to make a run to PetSmart for two 40-pound bags of dog food and a sack of rawhides, swim an 1800 meter taper swim (my last before Sunday's race), bike a short 14-mile ride and return a phone call to my father. Now that's what I call a productive morning!

PetSmart, the swim (workout below) and the phone call were all uneventful. The bike--not as much. My chain was offline before I left the driveway and the rain started coming down before I'd left the neighborhood, but I was determined to get that ride in. Thankfully, the rain was mostly light and intermittent until the last five miles; but those last five were wet and wild! I arrived home with rain streaming out of my helmet, puddles in my shoes, and a smile on my face.

Today's workout:
1800 meter taper swim (workout to follow)
14-mile bike: 769 calories burned, max speed 37.2

Swim workout #12 (1800 m, taper)

Warm Up (500)
500 Free, easy

Set 1 (300)
300 Kick, choice

Set 2 (300)
300 Pull

Set 3 (300)
300 Backstroke down, Free back

Set 4 (200)
100 Fly down, Fly kick back
100 Breast

Cool Down (200)
200 Free, easy

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