Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We wear short shorts

Despite slathering on 50+ SPF and hiding under umbrellas when I'm not training, I inevitably tan. For a triathlete, this results in a rather unsightly pattern, particularly the farmer tan on the legs--who wants to put on a bathing suit and sport tanned legs up to just a few inches above the knee only to display pasty white thighs, compliments of the cycling/tri-shorts?

My running shorts have only added to this problem and the more I run and the sweatier I am, the more they stick to my legs and bug the heck out of me; sometimes I end up tucking the edges up under the liner once I am safely out of my neighborhood--talk about unsightly!

I am "this close" to trying a running skirt (any thoughts out there on this?) but not sure if I'm ready for that, or if it's even my style (though, considering I have none--style, that is--that's probably not an issue).

So I decided to treat myself to some new running shorts while I was at the Columbia expo. I am a horrible shopper and was immediately overwhelmed by the huge selection, so I grabbed a pair of Brooks shorts off the rack without even trying them on--and I love them! They are super comfortable and fit perfectly, and though they have the same inseam as my other running shorts--3.5"--the scalloped design on the legs makes them hit higher on my thighs and the stretch fabric make them less baggy.

I wore them today for a short 3.29-mile run at a comfortable pace (3-4 RPE, Rate of Perceived Exertion) and they were great! Now that I've found something I like, I will shop in the only way I like to shop--online!

PS--Do you have a specific piece of gear that you just love and can't live without?

Note: I once read or heard somewhere that, with regard to running, you should take one day off for each mile you run in a race; for a 10-K run, that would mean 6 days off. I've never been able to do that! After Columbia, I did indeed take one day off but by that night I was itching to do something; I was so restless I felt like I could jump right out of my skin. So, yesterday, it was back to the pool and today, I decided on a steady 3-miler to take the edge off, and though I barely earned (or burned) my oatmeal, I feel satisfied. I was scanning some Iron Man training programs last night and I'm looking at 5-6 months of 1-3 workouts a day, 6 days a week; we're talking 18-hour workout weeks and maybe more during the peak periods. If I had any shred of sanity at all, I'd take this whole week off while I can and revel in it; instead, after Monday, I plotted out a relatively easy week with one moderate workout each day. It can't be helped.

Today's workout:
3.29-mile run
389 calories burned
best pace: 7:20

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  1. I think it's good to schedule easy recovery workouts the week after a race - not that I'm any kind of expert!

    As for clothes - definitely a fan of running skirts here. I have 4 (I think) and they are the best imo. I like the coverage of a skirt better and they are super comfy, especially my skirt sports one (plus the pocket in that one actually fits my iphone!) I don't think they'll do all that much different in the way of tan lines though, lol