Monday, May 16, 2011

Taper Time

Trying, once again, to pull myself out of that weekend vortex long enough to post an update.

The good news . . . it's taper time!! But, it's been an uphill climb to get here. The past several days have been the final push--toward training, and toward my daughters wrapping up their lacrosse season.

Thursday was yoga day, as usual, plus 30-minutes of strength training.

Friday, our schedules were so busy that my husband and I had to train separately, so I headed out on my own for a 27-mile ride followed by a 2-mile interval run. I was having a hard time with the "go hard" philosophy on the bike, but was able to push through for a good run and took almost 2 mins/mile off my previous run's pace. Very happy about that!

Friday training:
27-mile ride
max speed 40.5
1452 cal burn

2.24-mile interval run
263 cal burn

The week's events were topped off with a 3-hour stint at the school talent show where we took in 44 acts ranging from singing and dancing to guitar playing and comedy. All three of my girls participated; one sang a song, one wrote and acted in a skit and one played piano. I am so proud!

Saturday was my day "off" and, as usual, was filled with family activities. We had four lacrosse games--all away games--so we had to divide and conquer, and then it was off to my middle daughter's book club that night. Bye-bye weekend. Where, oh where, have my happy hours gone?

Sunday marked the one-week-until-race-day-countdown and the last long ride before taper, which we squeaked in after two more lacrosse games and just before the storms rolled in. Under rapidly changing skies--morphing from bright sunshine and still, humid air, into ominous skies with gusting winds and towering cumulonimbus--we pedaled 32-miles of hills, then topped it off with a short sprint-brick.

Sunday's workout:
32-mile ride
max speed 41.7 mph (Do you know how amazing it feels to go almost 42 mph on a bike?!?! So freeing and exhilarating! I highly recommend it! ;)
1875 cal burned

1.08-mile sprint run/brick (at same happy/quick pace as Friday)
126 cal

And thus, today, was my last long run--a 6-miler, plus 30 minutes of strength training. The first half of the run was strong. I could finally feel the dreaded interval training paying off as I clicked off the first 3 miles at interval pace and then, at 3.5 miles, I crashed. Usually a negative-split racer/runner, I was disappointed to see my pace slow as I struggled with the last 2.5 miles, finishing with an average that was a minute slower per mile than my interval pace. Sigh. It was nice to end this busy day with an hour of yoga plus the 15-minute p90X abs DVD.

Monday's workout:
6.11-mile run
724 cal burn

30 mins strength training
60 mins yoga
15 mins ab workout

And now, I am officially tapering. Six more days to go until race day. My goal this week, in addition to reducing my workouts, is to eat extra-healthy and get more sleep! (That's a tough one for me!)

So, it's off to bed I go.

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