Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The weekend in review Part Two: Rest wanted

I'm feeling unbalanced.

I'm not getting enough sleep, I'm not eating as well as I should, and I'm rushing from one activity to the next without really being in the moment for any of them. And I am desperately seeking some rest.

My oldest daughter is not particularly enjoying playing lacrosse and "can't wait for it to be over." We won't let her quit, because we believe in teaching the basic principles of honoring commitments and seeing things through, but I must admit, she's not the only one who can't wait for it to be over. (Though I would never tell her this!)

Saturday was my only day of "rest" last week, yet it was far from my ideal day of sleeping in, enjoying a relaxing breakfast, taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood or hiking some local trails with the fam, and getting lost in a good book.

I'll emerge from this fantasy world to share the reality of my day off: Four early-morning hours at the lacrosse fields, followed by three hours at the airport flying an airplane (long story), and then, after a short respite for take-out Thai with my husband, back to the lacrosse fields for another two hours.

It's not that these activities aren't enjoyable; it's just that they're not particularly restful.

I'm just glad I didn't fall asleep in my plate of Pad Thai.

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